Commercial Bridge Loans

Commercial Bridge LoansCambridge Financial Services (CFS), LC, lends money secured by real estate only. Typically, CFS will loan no more than 65% of the value of the property. Most loans are based on an amortization period of 30 years and they have 1 to 3 year balloons.

CFS lends money at rates higher than those of conventional lenders but typically makes loans to people in situations where they are unable or unwilling to obtain funds from other sources. Though blemished credit is sometimes the reason for the inability of the customer to find funds elsewhere, the majority of our loans are made to people who have reasonably good credit.

CFS requires certified appraisals, title insurance, credit information and all documentation that any prudent lender would require in order to close a loan.

In most cases, one or more of the CFS members personally visits and inspects the real estate collateral. Additionally, we personally meet with the borrowers to determine their need and their ability to repay the debt.

CFS views itself primarily as an interim lender. We help customers achieve short term goals enabling them to either sell their property or to refinance at a lower rate prior to the balloon date of the loan.

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